A pleasure to run Fred Wade’s bookstore


May I, through the columns of the Halifax Courier, thank the many people who have contacted me to wish me well on my retirement.

I am completely overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and courtesy, and have to say it has been a pleasure and a privilege to run Fred Wade’s Bookshop for the last 53 years and serve the people of Calderdale.

Jennifer Pell

Fred Wade Ltd

Rawson Street





The closing of Fred Wade’s bookshop (20 July) marked a sad day for the Halifax town centre. The Pell ladies and the staff gave excellent customer service whilst selling a fine range of books and stationery. All this from a small independent specialist shop which featured prominently local books and local authors.
May Jennifer Pell have an enjoyable retirement, she surely deserves it. She, the staff and Fred Wade’s will be missed.

Philip Ashworth

Dudwell Lane

Skircoat Green