A record of action? It was more like a decade of drift

“A record of action, a promise of more?”

I am surprised – for several reasons – to see a Conservative leaflet going around that uses the slogan “A record of action, a promise of more”.

Surprised firstly because, far from being original, this is a slogan that I introduced to Calderdale many years ago when I used it as the title for the Age Concern Calderdale annual report in I think 1995.

I do agree that it’s a good statement – so much so that I used it again on several Labour local election leaflets in Halifax in 2008.

But my main complaint about the Conservatives using this slogan however is not that they have copied it, but rather that it is so inaccurate.

Far from a “record of action”, the ten years of Conservative leadership in Calderdale can much more accurately be called “the decade of drift” – a period of fudged decisions, inaction, and wasted opportunities.

No wonder that most local people are telling us they are not going to listen to any more Conservative promises!

Cllr Tim Swift