A silly law that needs stopping

Moorside Gardens



At last someone is taking notice; our local MP, Linda Riordan, has taken up the fight with me as she agrees with the flaw in the law of the disabled blue badge.

She explained that I wasn’t thick, as someone mentioned on the ‘Your say’ website, as she has had numerous complaints from other people who have made the same mistake.

Linda Riordan has contacted the Government Minister at the Department of Transport in London regarding the displaying of disabled blue badges the wrong way round, with a proposal to make this a little error and to introduce a time limit for the said document to be proven legal.

Better than that, let’s have the law error corrected and an expiry date showing on both sides of the blue badge so that the misguided disabled feel at ease to place this document either side up.

It’s a silly law and it needs stopping now.

Mick McBride