A simple act to stop these silly fines

Myrtle Drive


How right Mick McBride is (“Flaw in blue badges is leading to fines”, Your say, April 26).

I wrote to Your say (November 16, 2007) about my, now late, father in law having been ticketed for displaying his disabled badge the wrong way round (what a hideous crime).

He appealed and the silly fine was overturned (common sense). Now all we have to do is get the boss out of her bunker and to go on patrol with her foot soldiers to advise and not to ticket disabled badge holders (legally parked).

A simple note advising would suffice and then the vultures could use their tickets to put in their bright yellow envelopes and put them on the windscreens of the proper illegal parker, ie, schools, bus lanes, loading only areas and of course the notorious King Cross. No grounds of appeal there then.

Steve Webster