A strong case for new pool to be built in town

IN 1902, the then Elland Urban District Council held the opening ceremony for the Victoria Public Baths. This was in recognition of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, in 1897.

In 2011, approaching Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee year, the Victoria Baths were closed at a minute’s notice.

No consultation, no discussion, nothing - lock the doors and walk away.

So what happens now? Knock it down and extend the car park?

I have attended two or three of the Elland Forum meetings and at their meetings, the public were told by the attending councillors that there was little hope of having a new pool. Why is this?

We have seen new pools in Todmorden, Brighouse and Sowerby Bridge, so why not Elland? I have recently started visiting Halifax and Brighouse pools and it is obvious that because the schools which previously used Elland pool for swimming lessons are having to be accommodated in these pools, that swimming space for general use is being stretched due to barriers being in place during these lessons.

Elland has a strong case for a new pool to be built as not only people from Elland, but the areas of West Vale, Greetland, Ainley Top, etc, have used this facility.

We have all read of the proposed plans to relocate Halifax Library and the demolition of Northgate House, and if money is available for these two ridiculous schemes then why should Elland be left out?

The Library and Northgate House were built a long time after 1902.

Victor Chapman

Crestfield Drive