A summer-long flower festival!

Hanging baskets in Woolshops, Halifax.
Hanging baskets in Woolshops, Halifax.

Further to my letter “Go Wild - and beat the economic cuts” (Your Say August 2) about the wild flower display in King Cross Road, I would like to congratulate Calderdale Council on the flower display around the Woolshops area in particular.

This could be seen as a half-way house to a summer-long flower festival for Halifax as I suggested in a previous letter. The coming winter could be used to plan such an event, when the good work carried out at Woolshops could be extended throughout Halifax.
In my letter about the wild flowers, I did mention my favourite person, Jesus Christ, the friend of little children and the rest of us, who would appreciate this positive effort by the council.
Positive things do not go unnoticed in high places.

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road