A town gateway we can be proud of

Artist's impression of the new Halifax Library
Artist's impression of the new Halifax Library

According to the Halifax Courier on Friday, October 4 the new fourth gateway will be a boost to footfall in the Piece Hall.

Also according to the Courier “Officers told the planning committee that the aim is to divert people arriving at the train station away from Horton Street and through the new fourth entrance into the town centre.” It finally appears that our council is seeing the light through those giant rose-tinted glasses which cast a shadow upon our borough of Calderdale. Now our council has realised that the future of the Piece Hall lies within the development of its surroundings and integration with the rest of our town centre, not solely in isolation. The pedestrianisation of Square Road and the development of the railway station into a bus and rail interchange will go a long way in achieving this. The demolition of Westgate House will also aid this vision and increase the visibility and public awareness of the Piece Hall from Market street. One day we will have a gateway into our town that we can be truly all be proud of!

Michael Bradley

Oxford Lane, Siddal