A waste of police time

Sunnybank Road


I have read your article about 48 police officers setting up a roadblock at Salterhebble. Is this the best I get for my hard earned taxes, thousands of pounds spent on police checking motor cars for red diesel usage, tax disc evasion and giving advice on “how to look after their cars”? Surely it would be wise to spend our taxes on doing some ‘proper police work’ and actually apprehend some criminals instead of causing traffic chaos and trying to persecute law abiding drivers as usual?

If I was cynical I would believe that this was once again the ‘establishment’ trying to collect in as many taxes as possible and using the police to do their dirty work! These days if you dial 999 then you are lucky to get 1 police officer, let alone 48 of them. Who on earth in their right mind would sanction this sort of waste of public money, especially when we are hearing about the cuts in public spending. Once again I’m thinking that they must see a much bigger financial reward!

Michael Wisniewski