A welcome new fan of academies

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It is good to see Councillor Pauline Nash has a change of heart and now is a supporter of a Free School in central Halifax considering herself and the Lib Dems have been ideologically opposed to Academies and Free Schools since 2010.

Her support is welcomed by Councillor Marcus Thompson, John Hardy and myself who have attended meetings with Halifax parents and other interested parties, where the idea of a Free School, possibly at the Heath Training Centre was discussed. There has been a severe shortage of primary places for a long time, and it is very disappointing that so little has been done to ease the situation, considering Councillor Nash was part of the cabinet that was leading the council since May 2010. I am pleased she has now come to see that Free Schools play an important role in driving up standards for all concerned parents

Andrew Tagg

Conservative Candidate
Skircoat Ward