Abolish the TV tax and let us pay for cable channels

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Whilst reading Court Briefs in the Courier (December 14) I was amazed at the differing amounts people got fined for watching TV without a licence.

The fines varies from £35 to £500. I urge people to bombard their MPs and the Prime Minister with letters to abolish the TV licence. This fee was abolished in 1999 in New Zealand when a campaign was launched arguing that it was an unfair tax with dubious legality. This unfair, draconian tax was abolished, deemed no longer workable. Why should we carry on paying this ludicrous fee for a channel that hardly anyone watches (we mostly all have Sky etc). The fee pays for pompous people like Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand etc, and an extortionate salary to the over-rated staff. So once again, I ask our noble overpaid councillors to act for us and petition our overpaid MPs to bring this up in Parliament. Then there is also the Jimmy Savile saga. (Money out of the Licence Fee thrown away on hushing up sordid tales.)
Abolish the tax, let us use the money to pay more Sky/Cable etc.

Steve Webster