Act over sportsmen as well

REgarding THE Council decision to crack down on dog owners. Why tar all of us with the same brush?

Most of us who clean up after our dogs will have to see what the Council come up with over dog fouling/walking across Savile Park.

Why should we all be tarred with the same brush as those who don’t clean up after their dogs?

On Saturday, September 17 I was walking on Rocks Road, with two other dog walkers, where on the Moor some football players were putting up nets on the goalposts.

One of the footballers decided, as there were people around (including children) to relieve himself against a tree, where all could see him. When someone said something to him his answer was a “V” sign.

So why doesn’t the council do something over this carry-on, like banning his club from the Moor. If dog owners can be fined for not cleaning up, then surely footballers should come under the same ruling!

Nobody wants the Moor used as a toilet by either dogs or footballers.

Perhaps football officials should have plastic bags with them, as well as dog owners, for their players!

R Brook

Rothwell Drive

Savile Park