Aggrieved by lazy slur over driving

I read with interest S. Moore’s reply (Your say, February 17) to my letter about cyclists paying nothing to use the roads (February 9).

I loved it when I had a bike and I used to obey traffic lights, stoop signs, give way lines and roundabouts and many a time I’ve walked from Elland to Halifax, Brighouse and Huddersfield.

S Moore says, and I quote, “shut up, park your car, get off your backside and walk, cycle or bus rather than depleting the world’s resources in the name of laziness and greed”. He/she ends by saying that they are normally too polite to say them.

I am somewhat aggrieved by what they say as I am 71 years old and disabled by a broken hip. osteoporosis, congestive heart failure and severe COPD.

Has this person any idea what it’s like to struggle on to a bus with a walking stick and carrying shopping when one has to keep stopping every few yards? I spend all my time at home on oxygen.

Maybe it’s brain in gear first.

Eddie Pollard

The Crescent