All I am asking for is a bin


Last year Calderdale Council introduced Dog Control orders and promised: “The council will be providing a limited number of new bins in some areas, particularly where there are currently no bins.

We will also be reviewing bin provision in areas which are badly fouled.”

However when I have requested bins I have received the reply: ‘Unfortunately the council is not able to provide any additional dog bins at present due to cutbacks and lack of budget for not only providing the bins but being able to maintain them.”

Fortunately in Mytholmroyd/Hawksclough the local community has stepped in to help.

At Redacre Mill Apartments one of the residents has paid for three bins.

On Stubbs Playing Field a local group has taken over maintenance of the field and installed three bins at every entrance to the field.

At Burnley Road School playing field they now have a bin by the gate.

This week at the entrance to Redacre Woods the tenants of Redacre Allotments have cleared up years of litter and plastic dog bags and provided a bin.

The result is all these locations now have far less dog fouling and general litter.

All I ask for now is for Calderdale Council to find the resources to put a bin on Burnley Road, Hawksclough, at the crossing above Fallingroyd Tunnel on Rochdale Canal.

This is half way between the nearest bins at Hebden Bridge and White Lee Bridge.

There are no bins along this one-and-a-half mile stretch of canal walk. Maybe they could afford it if they spent less money on advertising and putting up signs about dog waste. The signs are often unsightly and more of a blot on the landscape than the mess they refer to.

Apparently the whole Dog Control Order scheme cost over £100,000, most of which went on printing signage.

They should take them down and weigh in the metal for scrap to spend on solving the problem.

Xander Rudkin,