All Piece Hall needs is some atmosphere

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With regard to your article regarding more cash for the Piece Hall (“More cash for Piece Hall plans”, Courier, May 6). I am very sorry to say this, but I think that Halifax Council is totally missing the point.

People will visit the Piece Hall from miles around if the shops are busy and vibrant and the only way to do this is to reduce the rents to encourage private businesses.

Why would the people of Halifax want to spend thousands of pounds changing the flooring etc, when all the Piece Hall is missing is shops and an interesting atmosphere.

I feel sure that the council would not even think about digging up the Shambles in York, or the Main Street in Haworth so why should we want to get rid of the lovely Yorkshire Stone already in the Piece Hall and change it for something you might find in Milan! We Are In Yorkshire! And lots of people, including locals, embrace the fact that we have a beautiful Yorkshire Stone structure and courtyard.

The money spent would be far better used in reducing rents and encouraging businesses. Other than that, the Piece Hall is perfect in every detail and could be a Jewel in the Crown for Yorkshire.

Why the Council seems hell bent on stripping the Piece Hall of its character and still not addressing the main problem of the lack of shops is a complete mystery to myself, friends and colleagues.

Mrs M Longbottom