All that is needed is to give public a simple choice over a new library

When I read the headlines in Friday’s paper ‘Library Latest: it’s all off’ I thought to myself at last the Lib/Lab consortium had realised the majority of the people had got their wish that the Library was to remain where it is.

It was not until I opened the page fully that I read the second part of the headline that the public had to wait until the Council elections yet again the public are not on level playing field.

We have had two consultation documents the first questionnaire made no mention of where the public wanted the library and that was thrown out.

The second questionnaire was so biased that out of the five questions there are possibly only two of the questions that can answer in support of keeping the library where it is also they handed out the second enclosed within the folder of the first extolling why we need a new library.

Janet Battye said 1,500 people answered what the new library should contain the second one a 1,000 people answered. How many of the second 1,000 did not want to move the library?

And as the first 1,500 had no name and address those should be disregarded as not a legal document but as the petition’s that have been handed in to the Council have names and address and they can be verified so that would make a possible 18,000 plus quite a number plus a number of various groups who use the library which boosts the 18,000 even higher.

With all the information that has been going round I am sure that the public would rather not waste paper and resources all that is needed is an A5 sheet of paper and saying (1) Do you want a new Library (2) Do you want the old Library then cross the one you want what can be more simple.

What with meetings behind closed doors, meetings where questions cannot be asked and two biased questionnaires I feel disinclined to vote for any Lib/Lab councillor the Council elections are held.

This is with reservations as not every one of them are but these are not standing in my area.

Stan Shaw