All we needed was a zebra crossing

Late shift: Mrs Mitchell-Smith's picture of the Skircoat Green roadworks
Late shift: Mrs Mitchell-Smith's picture of the Skircoat Green roadworks

Belinda Darwin appears to have got the wrong end of the stick regarding the road alterations in Skircoat Green, they have nothing whatever to do with parking but traffic calming.

The expanse of tarmac is a huge ‘speed bump’ but as it’s barely raised off the ground, especially at the end closes to the Murgatroyd Arms, does nothing to slow the traffic.
I can understand her confusion because when the planning notices went up they were so badly worded that all my neighbours and I thought they were about residents’ parking, it was only because I rang the highways department that we found out that it was all about traffic calming. I wonder why it was deemed necessary to have these road alterations at great expense to a cash-strapped council and what was the thinking behind it. The main problem the residents of Skircoat Green have is hat it is impossible to cross the road at busy times, the traffic needs to stop not be slowed down, therefore nothing has changed. What is wrong with a pelican/zebra crossing? It works very well in Hebden Bridge which is a busy through route and traffic has to stop to allow people to cross the road.
The construction of the extended pavements has taken weeks with the accompanying noise and disruption when the whole thing could have been completed in a month at the most, and whose brilliant idea was to extend the pavement at the top of Godfrey Road? Buses couldn’t negotiate it before and now even normal traffic causes disruption never mind the emergency ambulances.
I have enclosed picture taken at 10pm on July 5 2013, the day the ‘speed bump’ was constructed and the noise was horrendous, this work was supposed to stop at midnight however it was still going on at 1.30am and beyond and this continued for two nights.
Nothing has changed except major roadworks at great expense and the residents still can’t cross the road without risking their lives. Typical of Calderdale Council.
Yours in frustration

Mrs J K Mitchell-Smith

St Bevans Road

Skircoat Green