Allotments are for cultivation - they are not refuse tips!

Rubbish at Hays Lane allotments, Mixenden
Rubbish at Hays Lane allotments, Mixenden

My husband and I have for many years enjoyed walks around the North Halifax area and Mixenden reservoir in particular. Unfortunately, we have seen the deterioration in the maintenance of Hays Lane allotments, which seem, in several

cases, to now be used as a dumping ground for builders’rubbish.There is a shortage of allotments in Halifax and there is, I believe, a waiting list for them. Also, I have been told by people who have allotments in other parts of the town, that there are strict rules and regulations about their use.They should not be used for anything other than cultivation of vegetables or flowers. Hays Lane allotments are flagrantly ignoring these rules and turning them into an eyesore for the local residents.
I e-mailed Mark Dempsey, who is the local government official responsible for allotments on 18/03,with my complaint. His reply, the following day, said he was not responsible as this was fly-tipping and suggested I contact Rowan Castle,the Environmental Officer. I sent a further e-mail to both parties on the 20/03 pointing out that fly-tipping is normally done by a person or persons unknown but in this case it was being done by the plot holders themselves. I also gave them a telephone number of the person who is the secretary of these allotments.
As there was no reply, I sent another e-mail to them on the 02/04 as a follow-up. This,too, was ignored by Mr.Dempsey but Mr Castle replied saying he would contact Mr Dempsey and arrange a site visit. To date I have heard nothing. These allotments are, I am told, “self managed”, whatever that means.
However, as the local officials seem reluctant to take any action, a mention in your paper may highlight the attitude of the allotment holders and shame them into taking appropriate action, thus ensuring allotments are only used for the purpose intended ie cultivation of the land and not as a refuse tip.