Always there for everyone - and fighting to the end

Compassionate: The late Heather Terry
Compassionate: The late Heather Terry

Heather Terry’s last fight. Through the years my mother has always fought for good people, and she loved to help any one out who needed her help.

If you had a problem of any kind, she was only to happy to help you.

Whether it was a housing problem or a cup of tea you needed, she was there to do it for you.

My mother was a kind and generous women and a very loving mother.

Also, if I was ever wrong I would be told I was and that was the end of that.

My mother was a very good judge of character and she could work someone out pretty quickly after meeting them.

A gift that has been passed down to me.

She was a very honest women and very well respected by all kinds of people.

She was always very out spoken on politics and the system and always said to me on many occasions I am going to start up a political party.

I will call it the Robin Hood party, then she would say let’s take from the rich and give to the poor. At which I would always laugh.

Then came the biggest fight she had to take on when she was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2011. She said to me I’ll give it a go to see what I can do.

She had three bouts of chemotherapy and then she was asked to do two tablet trials after that to help medical silence which would help people that had got the disease. She said to me if it helps someone else, she is happy.

Then after Christmas 2012 she became more ill but she still battled on, then at the end of February she was struggling.

But she never gave in. All the family were there for her to help in any way we could.

Then March 5th it took her away and Heather’s big last fight was over.

That day I didn’t only lose my Mom I lost my best friend as well.

r.i.p mom