An enjoyable feature

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Can I, through the Courier, thank Dr Lesley Lord for correcting the identification of two birds in your Picture Of The Day sent in by myself and Alan Forrest? Courier 12 April 2012.

To an untrained eye the birds look very similar and the mistakes were not intended by myself and I’m sure Alan

This is a light hearted reader participation feature of the courier receiving photographs from amateurs within Calderdale. When I say amateurs I mean photographers and ornithologists.

Dr Lord says to the Courier that with reference to the birds “You must make sure that they are properly identified so that newcomers to the subject do not start with misconceptions.”

I would hope that newcomers to the subject would consult the many bird reference books and not flick through the pages of the Courier to look for Pictures Of The Day to clarify if they were looking at a Finch or a Tit.

Carry on Courier. An enjoyable feature.

Clive Brook