An enlightening experience - but two visitor rule needs addressing

Having just returned home after spending several weeks in the Calderdale Royal Hospital, I would like (through Yoursay) to share my experience with your readers.

Whilst we should be only too aware of the fantastic job that all the staff do in the hospital it is only when you have to stay there that the reality of the work they do hits home.

Everyday tasks which most of us would find extremely difficult the staff take in their stride. I was amazed however, after receiving so much help, that some people can be so rude.

I was in the same ward as a man who was ninety years old. He had been one of the first onto the beaches at Normandy during the Second World War and he told me of his experience of the carnage.

He lived on his own and did all his own cooking. He was a remarkable man, just one of the many millions of men and women to whom we should all be eternally grateful. I was very glad I met him.

My only criticism was that the rule of two visitors per bed was not enforced and could lead to friction between those patients whose visitors were limited to two to a bed.

It was a most enlightening experience, bringing home once again how fragile life is.

I would like to thank all the staff for their devotion and dedication.

John B Thwaite

Skircoat Green