An exciting development

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We are in the middle of an exiting developement on Northgate.

The great library/Northgate House debate goes on. Maybe somewere in the annals of records is a plan of things for the site of land bounded by the bus station and the post-office site up to Woolshops whether or not these two buildings go or not.

My thoughts would be: a Kingsgate-style covered shopping centre like its namesake in Huddersfield.

Plus a decent bus station.

Kingsgate had its doubting thomasses--oh the town will die--etc.

It didn’t. I went this week to he mall - which has the top stores - and it was heaving like it does every week

The town fared just as well and the distance from bus station to Kingsgate is as far as Bull Green to the bus station - and downhill too.

Edwin Turner

Beechwood Crescent

Sowerby Bridge