Anger over these yobs

I don’t play or watch bowls but have family members and friends who do, they are all ages from early teens to pensioners, both male and female, on the dole and workers because it’s a cheap and pleasant couple of hours out and everyone has fun.

Why then does some nasty minded idiots have to spoil a good community pastime ?

I am torn between two emotions anger and sadness when I read about the vandalism of Wellesley Park Bowling Club and abusive behavior shown to the players.

Who are these yobs? Surely someone somewhere must know who they are, I dread to think what they will become, I was brought up in an era when we got a good clip and luckily my three lads were also growing up when it was legal to give them a clip round the ear ‘ole when I thought they needed it, it worked too and they seem to still respect me and their dad.

So am I just a lucky mum or was the way they were brought up the right way?

Wendy Buxton

Ladstone Towers

Sowerby Bridge