Anglers should not block cycle route

I refer to the letter from David Finnegan dated 7th October 2011. There is no question that any act of aggression in this context is wrong and is indefensible for either a cyclist or an angler (or anyone for that matter) however Mr Finnegan seems to have missed a number of points.

Anglers purchase a license to fish in the canal, not to move along the path and therefore any suggestion that cyclists should “purchase a licence” to move along the path is wholly irrelevant in this context, and would also suggest that any person using the path simply to walk along should be made to purchase the same licence.

Cyclists would have no reason to engage with anglers if the path was not partially or wholly blocked with angling equipment, especially considering this is a designated cycle route.

The canal is there equally for all, and would suggest Mr Finnegan takes that into consideration when laying out his rod and tackle.

Alex Berry

Casual Cyclist, Driver and Walker