Answer points over Academy

You ask is the new academy money well spent ? NO

1, Walk around the old school and it is in far better condition than North Halifax Grammar FACT
2, Why a new uniform? and why provide it free? - Well actually provided at cost to all the taxpayers
3, Why offer as bribe to all 6th formers a new iPad or laptop to keep - School has far too much money to be able to do this and should pass onto other schools to use 
4, Another area of greenbelt taken away and people at the bottom of Heathy Lane now losing money on their homes 
5, No thought seems to have been given to the junction of Heathy Lane and Shay Lane no lights or a box to enable traffic to exit Heathy Lane
6, The whole building process has had a very undesirable impact on the residents in the area with all the double parking and litter that no one wanted anything to do with 
7, How do 1,900 pupils get to school in a highly built up residential/industrial area and not cause traffic issues? Council says adequate on site parking. I think that would be about 30 buses if they all came by bus but they wouldn’t would they there would be cars as well but yet if the car park is that huge then why did all the contractors foul up the local roads ?
8, I have been told that this school is for North Halifax only. Have half of the 1900 pupils been taught at home previous to its construction then or have you got these earmarked for transfer from another school already ?

Some answers would be nice.

Dave Bray