Any winnings you don’t want?

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Ladstone Towers

Sowerby Bridge

I don’t know how long the national lottery has been going now. It must be 15 years or more, and I’ve won nothing.

Now I don’t know how they manage it but it’s got to be some kind of fiddle. I’ve picked my own numbers, and never won, and I’ve had lucky dips, and not won, and very rarely even get one number. The chances of not getting at least one number over so many years, is highly unlikely, in my mind, very dodgy.

So I think it’s high time the Camelot gang recognised the situation, and sent me a prize for being such a long standing losing customer, or if there’s any winners out there who wish they had never won, and feel they would be far happier without it, I’m here to accept contributions,

I await with anticipation!

Dave Wood