Apologies for dog figures confusion

Further to RJ Prince’s letter (Tuesday 25 October) I can clarify the statistics regarding complaints about dogs.

The report to Cabinet on 19 September 2011 makes clear that 694 complaints were received in 2009/10 with respect to dog fouling, a considerable increase on the average between 2001/02 and 2009/10 of 558 per annum. Dangerous dog reports for 2010/11 were 58 with an average of 45 a year in recent years.

A press release of 20 September 2010 dealing with a West Yorkshire campaign, unconnected with the current proposals, erroneously referred to 5000 dog fouling complaints in Calderdale.

In fact this was a West Yorkshire-wide figure and I am pleased to be able to set the record straight. A more recent press release referred to 300 complaints of dogs out of control.

This figure was taken from the same Cabinet report, 19 September, which makes clear that this figure relates to a 7 year total. The press release should have been clearer on that score and I apologise for any confusion.

Whilst writing I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Courier readers and respondents for their helpful comments on the proposals.

They will all be carefully taken into account as we search for a constructive balance between the needs of dog owners to exercise their pets and enjoy our open spaces, and the preservation of a clean and healthy environment.

Mark Thompson

Head of Housing and Environment

Calderdale Council