Are owners so lazy?

AS a regular walker in and around Sowerby Bridge and district, I have to totally agree with Mr Noble’s letter in Yoursay, March 8.

What I find even more baffling and unacceptable is the bags of dog poo stuffed into cracks and crevices in walls and thrown into fields and hedgerows, as if the dog owner is doing us all a favour by actually putting it into a bag!

I have even seen bags hanging from tree branches. What imbecile would go to the trouble of carrying bags to dispose of their dogs mess, only to dispose of it, in this unacceptable manner. I can only assume that the dog owners that do this are very lazy, and also too thick to realise that they are adding to the problem, as they are also littering the countryside in the most disgusting manner.

I don’t blame the dogs, I blame the bone idle owners.

John Edkins

Wharf Street

Sowerby Bridge