Are you related to Harold and Hettie?

I AM writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help me trace family relatives still living in the Halifax and Elland areas.

Enclosed is a photograph of the wedding of Harold Holdsworth and Hettie Rushton, Ormskirk, 1918.

Harold Holdsworth was the son of Fred Holdsworth and Mary Jane. Fred born 1868, in Elland was the son of William Starkey Holdsworth and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth born 1838 in Elland. William Starkey and Elizabeth had five children that I know of:- Arthur, my grandfather, Ernest, Fred, Sarah and Joab. Joab also on the census as Josh, Joah and John. All born in the Elland area between 1860 and 1878. As for the photograph, I can identify my grandmother, Emily (nee Marshall) and my mother, Ida, kneeling on the left front. Apart from Harold and Hettie those are the only two people I recognise.

The question is does anyone in your distribution area who recognises anybody else on the photograph?

Carolyn van der Goes

Molendijk 15, 3286 BE Klaaswaaal, The Netherlands.