As silly as high rents and lack of parking!

Why doesn’t Barry Collins use the eyesight and the brain that God provided him with, along with his councillor friends, to sort this dog mess out?

The answer is right under his nose. It’s not the dogs’ fault for the mess they are making. Lets turn our attention to the owners of these lovely pets.

If the animals’ diet was changed to a sensible dry feed and there were guided to a place on the walks that wasn’t as prominent like footpaths, children’s play areas, this could be sorted out.

Dog faeces is more of a danger to children’s health and other humans when it’s runny - science supports this. Children can be blinded, shoes and homes could be damaged. Therefore it’s not only dangerous but unpleasant to the eye and nostrils.

Everybody should carry a camera and use it to catch the perpetrators; if a dog owner is seen to be walking their pet without carrying the appropriate means to clear it up they should at first be warned and educated and named.

If all those that are bothered could photograph and make it know that the public is working with the council to correct this then common sense would prevail.

Selected areas for dog fouling is merely giving them a licence to break this law, which is unfair to the people, be the blind, infirm, disabled or law-abiding citizens.

Doggy toilets is as silly as high rents, lack of parking, vultures, closure of little shops, pubs, clubs etc, and the stupid implementation of laws handed out by those people in charge.

They need a rethink and to listen to the people. CCTV and public awareness is the answer, snap and trap is the biggest deterrent.

Stop chasing your tail Council and take notice of common sense. It’s not the dogs that need educating it is the owners and those that can make it work.

This advice is free, please use it.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens