At last a Prime Minister who stands up to Europe

Well done to David Cameron! I did not think that our PM would really commit himself to stand up to Merkel and short bread sulking Sarkozy over our EU position.

He finally has done what most of his party (not the Lib Dem Europhiles) and the British taxpayer want. His firm stance has come to prove that what he has promised he has carried out. He has become the first British PM to use our right to veto – even Margaret Thatcher did not do that.

Doubtlessly the British Euro sceptics will want their revenge and will probably do everything in their power to try to humiliate us. William Haigh’s statement was also welcomed when he vowed that the British taxpayers would not be forced to stump up more cash to help the IMF prop up the Eurozone.

Now the two biggest Europhiles Merkel and Sarkozy will have to try to bleed other weak allies even though the European blood banks are running low. They will continue to create further unrest amongst themselves and if the governments of their allies wish to abandon national democratic sovereignty over public spending decisions – so be it - but Britain will continue to grow stronger with David Cameroon’s stand. Even bank shares soared over the good news.

Let us now hope that the days are long gone when the European offer to Britain, Sweden and Hungary is to be told ‘leave your cheques on the way out and we will contact you again when we have wasted the lot’.

The Lib Dems and their Labour friends may be up in arms over the firm stance of David Cameron but they will have to bite the bullet knowing that being in power will take preference over their conscience.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green