At last, town goes forward

Rufford Road Elland

The news that ASDA has re-submitted plans for a Supermarket in Elland would come as no surprise to many as the company purchased at least part of the site some time ago.

It was obvious the company had aspirations and would be reluctant to dispose of the land to other bodies, least of all a competitor.

The planning application submitted by Morrisons has proved to be the catalyst to stimulate action by their company as they are unlikely to sit back and allow a competitor to come to an area unopposed and cream off any potential profit.

The Elland & District Partnership has campaigned long and hard to improve the disgraceful eye sore in the town centre and it now looks as though this could happen, so from that aspect the development is welcome although I expect local traders to vigorously oppose the plan.

The town is at last beginning to move forward after years stagnating.

The large anticipated increase in population, plus the creation of up to five hundred jobs is to be welcomed, four new shops have recently opened in the town together with restaurant facilities so confidence could be returning.

Whether the town is able to sustain two new large supermarkets and the likely decision on the plans should not concern the residents of Elland and district as this is how large businesses conduct affairs in today's economic climate, both will look to maximize profit at the expense of the other.

Comments on the proposals will be aired I am sure at the re-arranged meeting of Elland & District Partnership for Wednesday 9th February, 7.00pm at Willow Court.

Joe Braithwaite