Bad design has led to increased litter

Westfield Avenue,

Lightcliffe, Halifax

The increase in levels of litter from newspapers to plastic bottles discarded by our recycling operatives has become rediculous.

Everytime we put out our bins and bags we end up with masses of litter both large and small blowing into our gardens, roads and hedgerows.

Is it not beyohnd the capability of the council to renegotiate the failed contract signed off by Councillor Graham (I don’t know anything about contracts) Reason Conservative member for Northowram and Shelf.

Did no one raise the issue that actually we live in quite a windy region!

Why was this not built into the contract that full wheelie bins constantly get blown over, the bag for plastic bottles gets blown open and over, as for the green plastic bags for newspapers etc., they don’t last very wlong, have an open top which again blows all the paper down the street and into neighbours gardens.

Heavier wheelie bins, new design plastic bottle bags and please something different for waste paper.

We householders and the wind are not to blame, just bad design of equipment supplied under Calderdales infamous failed waste collection contract.

Chris O’Connor