Badger cull is not the answer

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The Courier’s recent report on badger baiting in Calderdale rightly stated that the badger is a protected species by law.

It is interesting to note that the Government has set this aside to undertake two pilot projects as supported by the farming industry to cull badgers in an attempt to control bovine tuberculosis. This could wipe out 100,000 badgers, a third of the national population.

Scientific opinion (and evidence) is overwhelmingly against the cull. The Government’s chief scientist Professor Sir John Beddington refused to back the cull. The landmark ten year culling trial that ended in 2007 stated, “This cull is not the answer to TB in cattle.” The success of an E-Petition in protest at the cull (over 150,000 signatures, including many from Calderdale) to the Government has enabled MPs to win parliamentary time to debate the cull. I urge courier readers to contact their local MPs to find out on what scientific or financial basis this Government decision was or will continue to be made.

Paul Hanson

Silverdale Terrace