Battle for liberalism must continue – despite the disastrous coalition

The Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith once remarked that the only way in which liberalism would be killed would be by suicide.

The Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg appears to have thought this was advice rather than a warning. The recent local election results confirm that by entering the Coalition agreement Nick Clegg has committed electoral suicide and thereby condemned hundreds of hard working councillors to political oblivion.

The electorate will never again trust the party which has helped the Tories implement cuts which have harmed the poorest and most vulnerable in society, ramped up student tuition fees having promised they wouldn’t and begun the privatisation of the NHS in the face of almost unanimous professional opposition. Such actions have meant that the Lib Dem brand is hopelessly, perhaps fatally, damaged.

Fortunately we in the Liberal Party have heeded the warning. We have no intention of abandoning our liberalism, and it is this position which has seen us increase our share of the vote up and down the country.

There is a difficult battle ahead of us to prevent town halls becoming one party states. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us and continue the fight for liberalism.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Wood

Chair of the Policy Committee,

The Liberal Party,

Warrington, Cheshire