Be happy to deliver the service

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Gordon Birtwistle, MP for Burnley, claims that the coalition government has delivered the money for re-opening the Todmorden rail-curve.

But the last Labour government (if such it was) shifted transport policy towards railway enhancement in the hope of assisting economic stability, and the 2005 Railways Act required the Transport Minister to produce financial plans, which seeded the current restoration. We are accustomed to claims for credit when a scheme operates, made by whichever politicians are then in power, that ignore the decisive role of those who devised the policy and authorised the project when in office a decade earlier. It is better, however, that we should be happy that a cross-party consensus emerged to “deliver the goods” and enhance our valley’s productive and tourism industry, together with our friends over the Lancashire border. Gordon isn’t “aware of any approaches from Labour” regarding station re-opening. As a new MP from elsewhere he needn’t fret over this; for I and the Todmorden Town Council were in rapport with Burnley’s and Cliviger’s Councils and with his Labour predecessor Peter Pike MP.

Councillor Frank McManus

Longfield Road