Beautiful walk is spoiled by litter . . .

The picturesque Wood Bottom Lane, Brighouse is spoiled in places
The picturesque Wood Bottom Lane, Brighouse is spoiled in places

After arriving home after my daily stroll along Wood Bottom Lane, Brighouse, following eighteen years of living in rural France I thought I would pass on a few reflections which You may find interesting.

It is quite striking how everything here is compressed as it is such a small island with a large population.

The beauty is compressed, the variety and ‘bittiness’ is compressed, making it so interesting. But, sadly, the litter and patches of neglect are compressed and oh so noticeable.

I find it sad each day to see this little gem of walk spoilt by discarded cans, bottles, paper and plastics. Then a germ of an idea started to develop and the reason for this letter. Why not, with the help of our newspaper, get together a small group of ‘Wood Bottom Walkers’ for a one-off, quick clear up, perhaps involving the local councillors.

Your paper could perhaps feature the walk and the regular users and maybe develop it into a regular feature with readers nominating their favourite walk.

The fact of it involving those passionate about their local ‘constitutional’ stroll and then doing a once-only tidying, decluttering session would be appealing as well as educational. Is there the opportunity to find the longest user in terms of years of a particular local walk?

I have run my ideas over with Councillor Christine Beal who suggested contacting the local councillors. I also thought of writing to Bill Bryson of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) asking for his thoughts and advice, hopefully an endorsement.

You may know of other people. Being positive, isn’t the climate at last changing towards people taking responsibility for the environment and re-learning to appreciate and treasure it.

Martin Cook

Hardy Place

Hove Edge