Big Brother council on scent of revenue

HAVING read the Evening Courier (September 14) I see Big Brother CMBC is out for more revenue again, banning dogs from running free.

Having had dogs all my life and being a very responsible owner would the Council like to tell us where we can exercise our dogs?

Everyone knows dogs need exercising so the ban on having your dog on a lead will lead to overweight and frustrated dogs, hence more visits to the vets (more money) and who is going to monitor the overseeing of these proposals? Oh, just a minute, we’ll invent a new job and employ more council staff to be trained then there will be health and safety.

Has Calderdale MBC got the money to implement this, and more to the point where will the money come from when they are curtailing everything else in Calderdale?

They ought to be more worried about our old folk living on the breadline and losing their services.

Nearly every household has some pet or other. While I agree parks and sports areas, etc, should be clear of dogs, can Calderdale MBC please explain why Norland of all places has been mentioned, also North Dene Woods at Copley/Greetland. So there again the minority once again have spoilt it for the majority.

Mr & Mrs Watkins

Copley Lane, Halifax