Big dogs should be on leads

I live in Copley and regularly walk along the canal with my two year old (who is in the pram) and my three year old (who walks) daughter and I’m not exaggerating when I say that its terrifying when a dog is running towards your children especially if it is a big one.

You would think owners of rotweillers or staffs would put their dogs on a lead when the notice children but I’m my experience one never has.

These dogs are at the same height as my daughter who is strapped into her pram and an over exited dog could come right up and lick her face, bite or growl at her and for me that’s scary.

I would welcome these new controls.

Zena R

After reading in the Courier about dogs in parks there are a couple of things I noticed.

1. Yet again it is responsible dogs owners that are going to be hit hard.

2. Calderdale only has one dog warden.

If the council thought this through properly they would talk to dog owners and ask how the dog fouling could be rectified. My view is give us a dog park that is fenced in where dogs can run free.

Also bring the back the dog licence that can be checked by the dog warden and police. If you don’t have a licence make the penalty fitting ie Poo Patrol around their local area for a couple of hours. All what I’ve put may sound pretty childish but at least its a starting point rather than a blanket ban

C L Mcleod