Black-market knitting needles

Willowfield Road


After reading Mr Bottomley’s letter “Old enough to vote but not to buy scissors” (Your say, February 23) I recalled one of my recent shopping experiences.

I am in my mid-40s and recently decided to take up knitting. When I tried to buy a pair of knitting needles in a local charity shop I was told that they are not allowed to sell them as they are dangerous items. I found this statement quite unbelievable as I am obviously a responsible adult. I asked again in a different charity shop. Following a lot of whispering between the staff I could feel the tension in the air. I was told to speak to the “boss lady” who was on duty by the cash till. The lady looked me up and down then tentatively pulled out a box from under the counter, wow! Black market knitting needles being sold in Calderdale by a tall, frail, white-haired lady. How naughty!

I was with my accomplice, my 88-year-old mum, who kept a lookout in case the police were on to us, The deal was done, 50p changed hands, and the box was hidden away under the counter, well out of sight. I’m off to knit a balaclava now. I think it may come in handy!

Carol O’Neill