Borrow to get a return on investment

As we head towards budget day do you remember just what promises were made at the last election? To cut the deficit but not the NHS wasn’t it? Leaving the NHS to one side let’s have a look at this infamaous deficit reduction plan.

The simple fact is that quarter after quarter unemployment goes up along with government spending. They are wasting billions putting people out of work and have no plan to get them into anything other than unpaid work experience. There isn’t enough growth to bring the deficit down. Borrowing is going up.

Austerity isn’t working. The economic policy is in a stagnant mess. George Osborne says this mess isn’t his or this the Government’s making. Even if you agree with that he isn’t clearing it up, he is making it worse!

Wages and conditions for all workers are deteriorating, people are seeing their income decline almost day after day never mind year after year. We still here of million pound bonuses paid to failed bankers and tax avoidance that runs into billions. The burnden seems to fall hardest on the ordinary… the hardworking and on families, worse still for children, the old, the ill or dsiabled.

There has to be an alternative to austerity, a proper credible plan for growth. We need to bring forward investment projects like new roads and railways that link up the regions and bring growth to where it si most needed Reversing the VAT rise that did so much to dampen demand would help too! We need to take a long look at countries like Germany who openly support their industry and secure jobs and investment.

We need to stop borrowing more and more money to put more and more people out of work. That is wasted spending and it is spending to increase misery. Surely that is madness.

Borrowing more now to get a return on our investment is how the markets should be made to work for us. That is surely the sane way forward.

Anthony Rutherford

Prospective Labour Party Candidate for Hipperholme and Lighcliffe ward