Broad Street crossing must improve

Jubilee Road Siddal

Recently, I was standing at Halifax Bus Station looking towards the rapidly progressing development at Broad Street.

I was better able to visualise the finished result and the fact of the unhappy position of Broad Street. It has been suggested by others beside myself that the crossing of Broad Street will be unpleasant if not dangerous, unless a solution better than a couple of pedestrian crossings is found.

The best way would be (as has been observed) to re-site both lanes of traffic to the north of the new development and convert the present Broad Street into a pleasant route into the rest of Halifax for its entire length.

This solution would not disrupt buses and other traffic too much and the Bus Station could be retained as at present, and the shops (still un-let) in the carbuncle would be marginally more pleasant to use.

Halifax is a great town despite its problems, and I hope the Broad Street problem can be solved in such a way as to unite the new development with the rest of what is, I emphasise, a great town.

I wish the new scheme well and hope it will enhance the Halifax experience (don't let Broad Street spoil it!).

Graham Rigby