Build a shed and hey presto - jobs!

Woodhall Crescent


Has anyone alerted Mr Cameron that Genr8 have found the answer to the jobs crises facing our country (“Copley will create 600 jobs”, Courier, Friday, February18)?

It seems all we need to do is build large sheds and they somehow provide jobs! Amazing - though one has to ask how we haven’t discovered this before now. Can someone at the job centre inform all the folk currently searching for jobs that all they need to do is go to all the empty industrial units found around Halifax and take up the jobs that are incredibly vacant there.

Can some more investigation be done into this, if we build more hospitals will it cure cancer? If we build more banks will we suddenly have more money?.

I really am totally astounded that it was this simple all along - unless of course it is just another bit of spin from the developer?

M Coughlan