Building homes will never cure flooding

Jubilee Road


Further to your article “Homes will ease flood misery” (Courier, 25 January), I must say I cannot see any circumstance where flooding problems could be eased by building houses on a flood plain!

The idea that river levels would be reduced by 9mm by such a scheme also seem to be ridiculous. What about new householders trying to get insurance for houses built on a flood plain now is well known not to be a good idea?

With regard to the removal of waste from the site, I believe nature has already done a good job and this part of Calderdale is now an asset to the area.

The proposed scheme is neither wanted nor needed, when there is so much unused space over shops in our town which could be used for housing and enliven our towns in the process.

The figures of £62.5 million and £1.6 million into Council coffers says it all. The proposed scheme has nothing to do with improving anything but with making large amounts of money.

The Council should be a good friend of the people but is, sadly, perceived so often as the people’s greatest enemy.

Graham Rigby