Buildings should be made to last

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Emscote Grove


‘Fifteen million pounds to refurbish Northgate House’, printed in such a prominent position on the front page of the Courier (“£15m to rescue council HQ”, February 28). This is all to justify their decision to pull Northgate House down, I’m sure that amount would refurbish Buckingham Palace,

I don’t know how old Northgate House is but it is comparatively new to some of our lovely buildings in Halifax so it doesn’t say much for the workmanship in the first place.

The contracts for these new plans should be given to reliable builders and not the cheapest, or friends in the know. It’s false economy. Let’s have something built that will last and enhance the town. I would like to know what those big white garage doors are for at the bottom of Broad Street. I’ve never seen a car going in or out; they are an eyesore.

E Williams