Bus changes have not helped passengers

What a farce! No I am not referring to the council’s decision to tell the 73 year old gardener to hang up his trowel, or the resignation of Metropolitan Police/News International top brass over payments/phone hacking. I am referring to First Bus’ handling of the closure of Mixenden Road for resurfacing.

Whilst I appreciate that there is certain to be some disruption to the bus services I do feel that the way this has been done is not in the best interest of Mixenden passengers.

The services from Halifax via Wheatley or Lee Mount are terminating at the Crag Lane/Mixenden Road junction, leaving those areas with a near normal service. The main part of Mixenden, from the church to the Clough Lane terminus, has had its service reduced from every 10 minutes to every 30 minutes.

This is the area which has about half of the population of Mixenden; the service here now being solely covered by the 512 service via Mount Tabor.

Also the services 511/513 to and from Illingworth and Ovenden have been cancelled, meaning that anyone needing to get the Beechwood Health Centre have no choice but get a taxi. The same applies for Morrison’s supermarket. Have these services also been cancelled on Nursery Lane and Furness Drive?

Now a couple of questions/suggestions to First Bus. Why was there no notice given to the public of these alterations, either in this esteemed publication or at least on the timetables at the various bus stops (a cheaper option)?

Also the Metro Line service for bus times has no information on the departure times from Mixenden. Why not? This was the service I used to find out the information used above.

Also, would it not have been possible to increase the frequency of the service via Mount Tabor to 15 minutes during the disruption?

Running the extra buses in between the normally timed ones, perhaps making the a limited stop service form the bus station, picking up in George Street then non-stop to the Golden Pheasant then all stops to Mixenden. Or at least run the normal service with a double-decker in view of the extra passengers being carried.

It seems to me that whoever decided on the service alterations has no idea of passenger needs in heavily populated areas, especially in time of disruption, and certainly does not have any knowledge of the topography of the Mixenden area.

Philip Knott

Hollins Lane