Calderdale resident says don’t fly tip - it’s not big and it’s not clever

Brighouse household waste recycling centre
Brighouse household waste recycling centre

Reader letter from John Piasecki, Albert Promenade, Halifax responding to the introduction of permits and charges at Calderdale waste centres.

Can I express my disappointment at the stance taken by Martin Longbottom and Sandy Maclure in last week’s letters page.

After years of crippling cuts to grant support from Central Government, Calderdale Council have proposed some changes to the operation of the household waste and recycling centres (HWRC).

Firstly a permit scheme to restrict use of the sites to Calderdale residents. Nothing very controversial about that. No doubt our neighbouring councils provide their own facilities at their own expense.

Secondly, as these facilities are for domestic waste and recycling, is it unreasonable to charge for rubble and debris from building and home improvement schemes? Personally I don’t think my council tax should be utilised to subsidise someone’s new kitchen or bathroom. Much better spent on the vulnerable in our community.

So what is the adult and responsible response to these proposals? Well Mr Longbottom and Mr Maclure feel the appropriate response is to stamp your feet, scream and bawl like a two year old and then drive to the nearest beauty spot and dump your old kitchen units.

Please don’t give such anti-social idiots a free pass by condoning and encouraging such behaviour as if it is a perfectly natural and reasonable reaction.

Perhaps the next fly tip you come across in the countryside will have a sign “As recommended by Longbottom and Maclure”.

The adult and mature response to the council’s proposal is to be adult and mature.

The cost of using a HWRC to dispose of the rubble etc from your home improvements is minimal in comparison to the overall price, so what is the problem?

I might add that Calderdale’s proposals are not unique and are being enforced by many councils across the country. I do hope that Calderdale’s residents will not be anti-social and selfish and simply accept that in times of austerity our council has to balance many competing pressures and needs to charge for services which are not core to a council’s remit.

Don’t fly tip. It’s not big and it’s not clever.


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