Cameron must act on Europe vote


Why has the Artful Dodger aka David Cameron our weak willed Prime Minister, skipped off to the USA showboating with President Obama instead of fronting up in parliament where his back benchers are openly rebelling? Leaders of the Tory party with backbone do not disappear in their hour of need, they confront the situation at home not go sucking up to a President whose policies on Europe are well known – he wants us to keep kowtowing to Brussels.

One has only to go back to 1997 when standing as a tory candidate in Stafford, Cameron defied his Tory leader by pledging to oppose Europe’s new single currency, namely the Euro. 
Our Prime Minister then was grey John Major, a ditherer who Call me Dave is getting more like day by day. 
Cameron’s insistence that the referendum will take place after the next election in 2017 is not good enough particularly for his back benchers and failing to incorporate this in the Queen’s Speech did nothing but cause more unrest in his party. Sir David Frost got it right after interviewing Cameron when he first became Prime Minister in his own words, he had the mien of a Prime Minister in his first year, he talked like one, walked like one but then things got difficult, he no longer made that impression. What Cameron should do is go to Brussels and Berlin, confront Frau Merkel and question her and her Europhiles on the future of the EU.
 Depending on her answers and if he is not satisfied, he should promise the people of Britain their desired wish, a referendum to decide this nation’s cause. 
Waiting until 2017 will be too late by then he himself will be toast, not even a back bencher. So to prove what it takes to be a true Tory leader, stop your dithering Cameron or go down in history as just another grey John Major.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green