Cameron sticks up for Britain

At last a Prime Minister who’s prepared to stand up for the rights of the people he represents.

Nice try by the monster called ‘Merkosi’ - one last effort to suck us into the black hole of Euro tedium.

The European Union is a failed project on both an ideological and a financial platform; and now that we’ve begun the process of leaving the creaking Euro platform, we will be escaping from endless years of wasted effort and wasted money.

If the Germans are terrified by the spectre of future hyper-inflation in their own country - then that’s their look out.

And if the French are terrified by the prospect of economic collapse and social turmoil in their country - ce la vie!

British Sovereignty is a precious commodity and is not worth giving up for anything - especially not for for the pleasure of fooling ourselves into thinking we’re better off snuggled up to the bosom of the ‘Merkosi’ monster.

Vive la Cameron! Vive la Cameron! Vive la Cameron!

V. Hodgkiss