Can I suggest Billy and Betty?

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I visit Skip ton and Gargrave every Tuesday and Sunday to walk along the canal bank for four or five miles, have done for five years, purpose, to feed our two friends ( two regal swans ) and watched five broods of signets grow up, the present ones are ready to go any time now. 
What a lovely surprise on Christmas Day, and again on New Year’s Day to visit Shibden Park and find the two beautiful swans on the water along with the various ducks
I think they may stay, they seemed quite content, and they are a Pen and Cob, so watch this space as they say.
I would like to recommend a name for the pair if not to late. Billy for the Cob, and Betty for the Pen. 
I am now 71 years of age and also remember the Swans arriving at Shibden Park from People’s Park many many years ago. They do get a little aggressive, especially at mating time when the Pen is on the eggs, but they may nest on the island, let’s hope so.

Ron Jackson