Can’t get through to council

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It is a while since I last telephoned Calderdale Council to speak with someone but I had reason to call today to report an issue.

You used to be able to be put through to a section who could answer your query but now you are eventually answered by a “call centre”. I rang on three separate occasions this morning only to eventually put the telephone down because no one answered other than a recorded voice urging me to hold on. I telephoned again at 2.00pm today to report missing yellow double lines on our road following re surfacing around six weeks ago. We live on Victoria Road Elland right opposite the bus turning circle for Brooksbank school. Yellow double lines have been in front of our house for some time which stops parents parking on the road in that area and seriously affecting the school buses which need to turn onto Victoria Road from the turning circle. School started again this week – so bus drivers are going to be affected until the lines are replaced. What a effort it was to report this fact to Calderdale via the “new service”. This can never be classed as an improvement. It took at least seven minutes for me to answer all the questions the operator asked me and it seemed more important to her as to who I was, name and initial, post code, address, house name, rather than why I was ringing. I then had to explain whether the lines were white or yellow and how long did they stretch and in what directions – information which Highways will already hold. I now have a reference number – what I do with it I do not know or whether anyone will contact me? It wasn’t the operator’s fault but who ever thinks that this system is progress needs to re-evaluate the service given to the public, many of whom I would suspect would either give up trying if the telephone is not answered or not ring again if you have to go through all the question answering procedure.

Peter Uttley

Victoria Road